Walk On Water

We decided to get out and take a little trip last weekend and saw what the cold temperatures had done to the world outside! The pictures were taken at Ammersee a beautiful lake in Bavaria. It´s such a weird feeling walking on a frozen lake. Kind of exciting and scary at the same time. I can´t imagine what the man on the bike must be thinking.

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That´s Life

so funny!
via A Cup of Jo

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Time Out

I´m off to spend some time with Liv Tyler. As much as I love spending time with my family sometimes I just need half an hour alone. Half an hour without worrying if my daughter has eaten enough (her eating habits have improved over the years but she is just not one of those children who eats alot), if she has slept long enough or what´s next on my to-do list. I feel that I am more relaxed and patient around everybody else when I have had the time to stop thinking too much!
I love reading magazines. None of my friends or family quite understand why. They mostly only pick up a magazine in the doctors waiting room. I somehow feel relaxed flicking through the pages, imagining what I could buy if I were rich or to which exciting places I could travel to one day and sometimes there is even a receipe of something delicious that my daughter might actually like!

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I´m trying to get rid of my throat ache. I probably should have eaten more of these before… Well now it´s at least one a day. It´s kind of nice eating something that ripend in the sun of a warmer place.

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Taj Mahal

Our holiday in India was so busy and with each of us being ill at one point or another it just didn´t feel very holiday-ish! One place I haven´t written about yet is the Taj Mahal. The monument is located in Agra, a city on the banks of the river Yamuna.

We had a friendly and very well-informed tour guide. The only problem was that he seemed to want to set the world record in the quickest tour of the Taj Mahal ever! I just about managed to snap a few pictures while running behind him and my husband (who was listening intently to what he said) so that I wouldn´t lose them in the crowd. Towards the end of the tour I was starting to worry that I would never get a decent shot of the Taj Mahal and so I asked him if he would let us look around for a bit. He seemed to be finished with all he had to say, so he generously agreed! Our timing wasn´t bad actually as it was around closing time and so for about 10 minutes (as the remaining tourists rushed to the gates) we could really enjoy the beautiful atmosphere around this beautiful building. Built by Shah Jahan for his beloved third wife the building seems to radiate all his feelings for her. It is absolutely stunning. Not to be missed, even if in a hurry!

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Don´t know what to say? Let your clothes – or your jumper in this case – do all the talking. Just the right thing as my throat is hurting so I shouldn´t talk too much (does that really ever help?) and I need to keep warm and get better before I get really ill.  A bit of warm woolly fun.

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La Paz, Bolivia

Cairo, Egypt

These amazing photographs I found here are by Stefan Ruiz. Isn´t it lovely the way every city has it´s own colour? Looking at these make my feet itch!
The year has just begun and even though I promised myself I would try to keep things calm and not plan too much, the past weeks have been really busy and so I´m already thinking of where I could spend some time off. I love travelling to different cities but with my daughter that would mean me and my husband alternately carrying her (she still has little legs that get tired easily) and a heavy rucksack. We all went to Edinburgh together once (my daughter was smaller and so easier to carry around) and spent most of our time there on the many playgrounds the city has to offer. Travelling with a little one made us slow down a bit. We couldn´t see everything we would have if we had been alone but we were less tired and actually came home relaxed and refreshed. Something that normally doesn´t happen when discovering a new city (at least not with me). It ended up being one of the most beautiful holidays we ever had! So much time has gone since then so we really need to get out together again. I can´t wait to get there :)

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