Pitti Uomo

I don´t think that I have ever seen such stylish men before (my father being the only exception – I should really take some photos of him sometime soon). Ok so these are all men who are interessted in fashion as they were all at Pitto Uomo (THE men´s fashion event).

The compostion of the different patterns is amazing. Something that I could definately use too, if I could only be so daring. When I stand in front of my warderobe in the morning I often grab black jeans and a black top. First of all, I´m way too tired to make big decisions about my clothes and often am in a rush to get to work on time and black matches black, so no mistakes being made there!

Seeing these photos makes me think that men may have less difficulties when getting ready in the morning or for a special event? I know for a fact that women need ages to look this perfect. Make-up is one of the things that come to my mind that they don´t need to apply, or if at all, than not as much as I have to use! Do men blow-dry their hair? The ones with long hair, just seem to do a ponytail. Nailpolish? Ok well men have manicures too, but their nails are still mostly short aren´t they? So unfair!

pics via streetfsn

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