Pins and Needles

I know, I know I just got lots and lots of presents for Christmas and I went shopping when the end of season sale started….but I really really like this jumper. The colours and the zip detail at the back are kind of eye-catching and jumpers are always practical. The guys at Urban Outfitters even matched it with nicely with those burgundy jeans. I like!

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3 Responses to Pins and Needles

  1. Léa says:

    what a beautiful jumper ! I really wish I had the same, and just like you say I’d pair it with burgundy corduroy trousers…
    Léa (France)

    • And you know I nearly got it on sale but unfortunately they didn´t have it in my size. Oh well, it´s July now so I still have time to get a lovely cosy jumper for autumn!

  2. Léa says:

    lucky you ! Don’t hesitate to post pics of your outfits.
    if someday you get tired of it, think of me ;)

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