Words for 2013

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Funny how sometimes you try and try and then the right words just pop up right before your eyes.

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Sometimes It Can Be So Easy


Why didn´t anybody tell me this before?

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Way To Start The Week

Sing like no one´s listening,
love like you´ve never been hurt,
dance like nobody´s watching,
and live like it´s heaven on earth.

– Mark Twain

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Wouldn´t it be nice to be able to hide and just let the day pass by from time to time? No alarm clocks, no trains to catch, no deadlines. Just peace and quiet and the excitement of waiting for someone to find you!

How about being small enough to hide in a tea cup? :) (as read here).
pic via Daily Mail UK

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Kind of Weird

It´s so weird, but true. I have a warderobe full of beautiful clothes but somehow I very often find a reason NOT to wear them! It could be that I am going to the playground with my daughter (the clothes will get dirty) or that I have to quickly buy something for dinner (no need to impress the old ladies in the shop) or even going to work (some colleagues who don´t seem to care to much about their clothes unfortunately give me funny looks when I have put a little effort in to my outfit), but the clothes are definately getting wasted just hanging in the warderobe. “Looking nice everyday” was one of my resolutions this year. Something I still have to work on!

pic via fashioncake

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Pretty Business

via Streetfsn

That´s life today. Always doing business, thanks to mobile phones and while doing business, looking good at it! I love the look of Emanuelle Alt. The simple summer shirt and white jeans together with the gold details.

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So True

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